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Supplementary material

Information on study possibilities, libraries, services, things to do in your free time in Czech Republic, France, Germany, Great Britain, Finland, Hungary, Poland, Portugal and Romania as well as general information on the countries and their cultures.

Open forum discussion on all questions relating to EUROMOBIL and studying abroad.

Programme based material

The Czech EUROMOBIL programme

The English EUROMOBIL programme The Finnish EUROMOBIL programme The French EUROMOBIL programme The German EUROMOBIL programme The Hungarian EUROMOBIL programme

The Polish EUROMOBIL programme

The Portuguese EUROMOBIL programme The Romanian EUROMOBIL programme
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  • Links from the offline programme (links used on the CD-ROM)


EUROMOBIL Information and Advertising material:

Poster 4 Learning Hungarian with Euromobil (EUROCALL 2008 in Székesfehérvár/Hungary)
Poster 3 for all nine languages (2007)
Poster 2 for the Czech, French, Polish, Portuguese and Romanian programmes (EUROCALL 2006 in Granada)
Poster 1 for the English, German, Finnish and Hungarian programmes (2003)
Brochure 2 for all nine languages (2007)
Brochure 1 for the English, German, Finnish and Hungarian programmes (2003)
Bookmark 2 for all nine languages (2007)
Bookmark 1 for the English, German Finnish and Hungarian programmes (2003)