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EUROMOBIL is an interactive multimedia language learning and information programme to promote student mobility. Target groups are students who would like to study in the Czech Republic, France, Finland, Germany, Great Britain, Hungary, Poland, Portugal or Romania. All nine programmes for Czech, English, Finnish, French, German, Hungarian, Polish, Portuguese and Romanian can be downloaded free of charge or ordered as CD-ROMs or DVD at

EUROMOBIL is designed to prepare students for studying abroad and for coping with everyday situations in the host country. It is a hybrid e-material combining interactive and informative offline and online components (CD-ROMs/DVD with links to the web):

Activities relating to different communicative situations in the target language (on CD-ROM/DVD and in the Web)
Information on target universities, target countries and target cultures (on CD-ROM/DVD and in the Web)

EUROMOBIL can be used for self-study as well as for tutor-based language teaching sessions.

Levels and Supportive Language

Because exchange students in France, Germany and Great Britain have to follow the university courses in the language of the country, the French, German and English programmes are designed unilingual for advanced levels. However, in the French programme activities for beginner and intermediate language learners are also offered because, according to our needs analysis, exchange students in France have fairly heterogeneous skills in the target language. Also in Portugal, students have to study in the language of the host country but in reality they are lacking skills in Portuguese, as shown in the needs analysis. For this reason, the Portuguese EUROMOBIL programme is designed for beginner and intermediate level with English as a supportive language. In the other countries, knowledge of the local language is not expected but experience has shown that the majority of foreign exchange students (over 90%) are very interested in the language of the host country and join a language class at beginners’ level. Therefore, the Czech, Finnish, Hungarian, Polish and Romanian EUROMOBIL programmes are designed for beginner level with English as a supportive language.

Language Course and Supportive Modules

Programmes for advanced language learners are based on situations students will encounter at the university whereas in the programmes for beginners everyday situations are also included.

The programmes are based on authentic and semi-authentic video recordings (Study Advice, Lecture, Seminar, Exam, Services, Leisure etc., see Modules and Demo) and contain activities related to the following skills:

general and detailed comprehension of AV-material
listening and reading comprehension
training in vocabulary and interaction strategies
evaluation of oral communication and discussion
writing and speaking

The video transcripts are provided on the project website > PROGRAMMES > Supplementary material.

In addition, the CD- ROM contains the following modules:

Good To Know: information on the language and culture of the host country
Glossary: Based on the vocabulary used in the programme (with grammar notes for some languages), monolingual in the French, English and German programmes, translated into English in the Czech, Finnish, Hungarian, Polish, Portuguese and Romanian programmes. In the French programme, the glossary is located in the Help section (linguistic Help).
Help (only for the French programme): methodological and linguistic information (vocabulary, pronunciation and grammar)
Read me : information on the project, the programmes, and technical help

A comprehensive list of links on target universities, target countries and target cultures is available on the LINKS page. The FORUM provides a platform for students to send in their responses to discussion tasks from the EUROMOBIL programme or make comments and change their experiences as exchange students.