We EUROMOBIL authors would like to know for whom, how and why the EUROMOBIL programmes are used, and how they have been received and distributed?
Are you for example a student, teacher, text book author, researcher or an administrator in the field of international relations? Why have you chosen to use EUROMOBIL (target group specific, multimediality, availability/price, manageability etc.)?
Have you recommended the programmes to others?
Please share your experiences about the EUROMOBIL programmes. Have you used them for self study or on a course? Have you used them as primary or supplementary material? What other material or activities have you used to complement a EUROMOBIL programme? What have you learnt with the help of EUROMOBIL?

Euromobil Feedback Form

Background Information
1. Gender
2. Age
3. Which category do you belong to?

author of language learning materials

4. Assess your computer skills.

(basics of text processing, e-mail and information search)
(has the above skills and is additionally able to download and install programmes)
(is aware of and masters the different possibilities of using computers and knows the basics of programming such as producing websites)
expert (knows computers like the back of one's hand)

5. How do you find computer assisted language learning? Please, give your reasons.
Use and distribution of EUROMOBIL
6. Which EUROMOBIL programme do you use?

German English Hungarian Finnish
(Please fill in a separate form for each language.)

7. How do you use EUROMOBIL? (You can choose more than one.) for language teaching for distribution: I inform students about the possibility of downloading the programmes free of charge and copy it for students
for research purposes
something else:
8. Have you used EUROMOBIL for self study or on a course?
(You can choose more than one.)
for self study
on a language course as the
only material
in a language course as supplementary material
Which other material and activities have you used and why?

9. Why have you used EUROMOBIL?
(You can choose more than one.)

because the contents are useful
because the form is attractive (multimedia programme)

because it can be downloaded free of charge/because it can be ordered
as a low-costCD
because it is easy to use
out of curiosity
something else:
10. Have you let others know about EUROMOBIL?
(You can choose more than one.)

Yes, I have recommended EUROMOBIL to students/friends.
Yes, I have copied the CD for students/friends.

Yes, I have used it for teaching purposes with learners.
Yes, it has been installed at our self study centre/computer class to (number) computers.

Yes, in some other way:

Number of persons:
No, I have not.

11. For which other languages should EUROMOBIL also exist?
Evaluation of EUROMOBIL
12. How good, useful and interesting do you find EUROMOBIL? Please explain why you like or do not like the programme.
13. Do you find the programme easy to use (downloading, navigation, support in the programme etc.)?
14. What is best about the programme? Please, give your reasons.  As regards content: As regards exercises:
15. What could be improved? Please, give your reasons. As regards content: As regards exercises:
16. What have you learned from the programme?

As regards content:

As regards language:
17. How useful are the supplementary parts of the programme "Good to know", "Glossary" and "Read me"?

18. What are, in your opinion, the advantages and disadvantages of the online Euromobil-forum?

19. Are you motivated to use the online EUROMOBIL-forum?

20. Have the links on the EUROMOBIL website
been useful to you ?
21. Further comments
Personal Data